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Lehman Title & Escrow, LLC is a family owned company that has been providing exceptional service in Tennessee since 1987. 

We provide a full range of Real Estate Legal and Transactional services including title insurance, escrow and closing services to homeowners, buyers, realtors, relocation companies and asset management companies.  We have a veteran staff with significant industry experience.

Although the closing may be the last stop in the process of buying, selling or refinancing, it is important for you to know that you have the right to choose the title company where the closing takes place.  Too often consumers are not aware of the closing process and why certain steps are required, the benefits of our services, and the protection title insurance provides.  Think of it this way, if your lender wants to make sure they are protected. Don’t you? 

Buying or selling real estate, whether residential or commercial, involves immense legal preparation.  When it comes to protecting your ownership interest in your home or investment property, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you were being protected by a longstanding company with an experienced staff?   Lehman Title & Escrow, LLC is committed to ensuring our clients a smooth real estate transaction.  An investment in our services is an investment in peace of mind.

Your trust is our highest compliment.

The information on our website has been designed to be introductory and educational for you, the consumer. If you have any specific questions, just call Lehman Title & Escrow at 615-371-8999 or Email us at docs@LehmanTN.com we will be glad to answer your questions.

Lehman Title & Escrow, LLC serves all counties in Tennessee. Due to changes inherent in the title insurance industry along with the complex legal nature of title insurance, this website is not to be construed as legal advice, a statement of duties, liabilities or coverages.

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